One favourite mantra of my company is “We take you from ‘unknown’ to ‘discovered’. When I handed copies of my business cards with these words on them to people at a business networking event in Sydney recently, some of them asked if I was going to “outdoor” them on SBS TV.
I wasn’t surprised because until a few years ago, I was an executive producer at the multicultural broadcaster. It was a job I held for almost 25 years.
I then let them in on a secret. “I’ll help you write a #bestsellingbook on Amazon, the world’s largest bookstore. That’s the secret. Once you become a bestselling author, you instantly gain recognition in the community, in your business sector, or in your profession.”
The almost inevitable follow-up questions ensue, including:
– I’ll like to write a book, but my story is not interesting enough.
– I can’t spend up to 10 years sitting down every day to write.
– I don’t have the fortune to spend on such a venture.
In the next few weeks. I’m going to share with you how to get around these nagging questions and more, and how a book you #author can move you from relative obscurity to becoming widely known.
Your book will give you publicity that will advertise your strengths, your business and also make you the go-to person in any area of business or profession.
If you’re a #businessowner (large or small), a career person, or a professional, come along with me on this journey. Together, we’ll #write your book in a few short weeks.
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