How to find content for the book you dream of writing

Last week, our topic for discussion was how a book you author can move you from ‘unknown’ to ‘discovered’.
While many people dream of writing a book in their lifetime, many of them admit they do not know what exactly they should write about in a book. Let’s see how we can get over this hurdle. Note that our focus is on a non-fiction book, not a novel.
I’m looking at a business coach or consultant or an expert in a business or professional area. Over the years, you’ve gained lots of experience and knowledge in your area. You’re daily or regularly in conversation with your clients or customers. In the many conversations you’ve had with them, you’ll notice that some issues or questions regularly crop up.
All you must do is to list about 10 of those frequently asked questions. If you visit some business websites, companies and organisations have frequently asked questions (FAQ) pages where they answer questions customers and clients ask often.
Take the questions one by one and answer them. To avoid the tedious task of writing the answers or typing them on your computer screen, say the answers into a smartphone, just as you answer a customer or client who visits your business.
If you take five to ten minutes to answer a question, that’s enough for a chapter of your book. Roughly, that equates to about 10 standard pages of your book. If you answer 10 questions similarly, you’ll have at least 100 pages for a book.
Add the introduction page, preface, biography, photos, and charts, and you’ll have about 120 pages. That’s more than enough for a book. Studies show less than 20 percent of books get read cover to cover if they have over 100-120 pages. It’s better to write two or three books if you have more information to share with the world.
You then take the recorded answers on your smartphone and feed them into an app that will transcribe your verbal answers to a written format. This will take less than one hour to get it all in written Microsoft Word format, and costs around $1 a minute for the transcription service.

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