Professionals, small business owners: watch our for ‘Migrants on Fire!’, out in days

Australia is a land of #migrants. Over the decades, the continent has welcomed millions of people from all parts of the world. It is a continent far removed from almost every other continent.

Despite the long distances, tens of thousands of migrants will go to every length to travel to and live in #Australia. Ask any of the millions who have made Australia home, and they’ll tell you it’s the great lifestyle, a higher standard of living, and the abundance of opportunity to make a success of their life.

However, it’s not easy to have a successful life in this land of opportunities. There’s a path you have to tread to lead a successful life #DownUnder. Hard work, some people call it. Others will advise that you work “smarter”, not harder.

With the Internet available in almost every home in Australia and on everyone’s smartphone, it has become less onerous for any interested person to own and operate a successful business either full-time or part-time.

#MigrantsOnFire! is a program designed specifically for migrants to lead a very successful life in this country by owning a business carved out of their unique life story and the profession, occupation or even a hobby they love.

Every financially successful person will tell you that the easiest way to become wealthy is to own a business. Working for someone else will almost always get you stuck living on a salary that can hardly make you live the life you want.

As a migrant myself, I worked and toiled for more than 30 years. Holding two jobs for years didn’t make me wealthy to lead the life I envisaged when I landed in Sydney for the first time 36 years ago.

Now, there’s an opportunity to own a #smallbusiness without breaking a sweat. Take it when it becomes available.

#Migrants on Fire! will guide you through simple processes to use the knowledge and experience that is whirling in your head and turn it into a business. We will firstly get the knowledge in your head onto paper (or on the computer) and ask you a series of questions based on your particular subject or area. You’ll not write anything, but we’ll get the stuff in your head out and make a book out of it.

With a #published book with your name as the author, you instantly will be recognised as an authority or expert in that field. We’ll then help you create an online business around the product or service that your book talks about.

You may wonder about the costs. Surprise, surprise, there are minimal costs in this venture. While you will need thousands of dollars to start a traditional small business, an online business has some costs, but it’s a fraction of what you’ll otherwise pay.

Details of the #Migrants on Fire! program will all be unveiled in my book of the same name that will be launched at the end of December 2020.

In my next email, we’ll look at a case study of how a woman’s battle with a health issue led her to discover a #business that’s paying her thousands of dollars every month.

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